A private tour in Cappadocia is a great way to access major and less known local sights and culture. A licensed guide who does these tours and can deliver all the history and cultural info is Ozgur Guker. Excellent English - knowledgeable and accomodating.

Dear Ozgur,

Being back at work is not comparing to  touring Turkey. You made the country come alive with both its history and current events. By giving us a balance of cultural and historical information, we saw the "real deal" as you say.  From dropping in on the potato storage room to hiking through the Rose Valley to ordering our food for us, you made the trip fantastic!  Thank you for allowing us to experience Turkey in the most efficient manner and authentic at the same time. You are a great guide.

Teri L. Brager, REALTOR
Coldwell Banker

Thank you for arranging our mosque tour. It was a great day of learning, with you a most able guide. Although you mentioned that there is little demand for such a tour, I'll bet with some marketing it would gain customers. Most people we talked to about it were interested and inquiring about how it was arranged. I hope some of them contact you.

On our next trip to Turkey, we'll surely spend a day in Edirne.

If we can provide any other comments about the tour, please let me know.


Paul & Claire Grace

We would like to take this opportunity to express our extreme gratitude for all your time and help in planning our trip to Turkey. You took the time to get to know us as people not only as clients and as such. Your recommendations were always well suited to both taste and budget.

You have tirelessly answered our questions without delay, providing detailed responses that instilled confidence in us. You thoughtfully reconfirmed everything shortly before our departure which has taken away the stresses ordinarily associated with travel.

In future I would highly recommend you to anyone travelling to Turkey – especially to Cappadocia.
Joe Peterman

Hi Ozgur,

Well, Ozgur, Peter and I are back, but we would rather still be in Turkey.  We absolutely love your country (at least what we've seen of it) and want to thank you for helping put together a memorable vacation.  Your recommendations in Bodrum, Kusadasi and Cesme were all excellent.  Knowing what we know now, we would have spent more time in Cesme and less time in Bodrum, but that is something you can only learn by experiencing.  We did have a wonderful time in Bodrum--visited Gumushluk and Yashikoy beaches and loved them both, but nothing could compare to the peace at Kum Beach Club in Cesme.  We absolutely loved all the hotels, but the Kismet was just so very special.  And Ozgur, you couldn't have picked a better hotel than the Airport Hotel in Yesilkoy.  The harbor was just beautiful and we were very interested to see the neighborhood which was very different from the Istanbul we saw when we were staying in Sultanahmet and doing all the touristy things.

You should be very proud of your abilities as a travel agent.  You did a splendid job and we are grateful for all your good advice.  I intend to recommend you to anyone in the future who travels to Turkey.  Peter and I hope to get back to visit Capadocia and the Mediterranean.
Thank you again.  You are terriffic.


Merhaba Ozgur,

Tesekkur ederim…for everything! You were an excellent guide and exceeded our expectations for service. You made us feel at home. We came here for vacation and ended up with new friends. You made it very special! Keep up the good work, say good bye to “Cave Man” and thank him on our behalf for letting us in his home. You were all very kind and self-given people… very good memories from Turkey. We could never express our deepest thanks with words or money.

Daniel Ottero

Dearest Ozgur,

My Last trip to Turkey was wonderful. You were the best tour guide I had ever had and therefore we compared your excellence to everybody elses. We developed the pictures and you came out great. Looking at them, we realized how much we miss you…

Gladeline Lergier

Dear Ozgur,

Thank you so much for looking after us so well. You have given us a great view of the sights but more than that, a background to Turkey which we lack in England. I believe you have a great future in tourism once you finish your degree.

I congratulate you on your English, it makes so much difference to us visitors.

Again thank you,
John and Diana de Norman from UK

Hey Ozgur -
We had the best holiday !  Thank you for everything.  Alex and I wanted to give you a more detailed account of our trip (all the highlights) and will do that after this weekend.

p.s. I am so missing the Turkish 'cay'...
Sally Maca

Thank you for the excellent guide, we enjoyed so much! We hope you get your visa to Australia as soon as possible. If you are in Sydney, please let us know. We are leaving with kind and warm memories of Cappadocia.

Many Thanks
Casey & James from Australia

“Thank you for an unforgettable trip. Hope our paths will cross again.” Bettie & Dave from USA

“Thanks for everything while we were in Turkey.” Lisa Grant from Canada

“ Thanks for a memorable holiday.” George and Elizabeth Skorsky from Australia

“Thank you for the information and entertainment.“ Carole and Alan from Australia

“It has been a great trip” Lesley from USA


Dear Ozgur,

Thank you for showing us a really good time these 10 days. We hope that we could do the same if you visit Singapore.

Warmest wishes,
Salleh and Fuan from Singapore



Thanks so much for everything you did for us. We had a marvelous time in your wonderful country. We will pass your name along to our friends when they plan on going to Turkey.

All the best,
Annie Barsky from Washington DC


Dear Ozgur,

Just a short note to thank you very much indeed for the very fine arrangements you made for our recent drive from Istanbul to Dalyan. The car was delivered and picked up right on time and the hotels you had selected were all excellent and of a very interesting variety. The D-Car people were all very helpful and obliging. The guy in Istanbul drove the car from the hotel until he had us on the main highway towards the airport and West so that was a great help. So we enjoyed the trip very much and thank you for your assistance in making it so enjoyable. We will not hesitate to recommend your services to any of our friends who are visiting your fascinating country.

Very best regards,
Mike and Judy Mellowes
Sydney Australia

Thank you so much for all you help on our trip, our family had a great time and we loved Turkey. Our guide got us in and out of Ephesus before it was too crowded. As I imagine feedback is helpful for your job, here are our thoughts on the various aspects of the trip:

- All the transfers worked well and the people were all nice
- The rental car worked out well
- The guides all spoke excellent English, were passionate about their jobs and provided great tours and insights into the various places
- Hotels: We loved the Anatolian Houses. We thought it was first rate on all levels. The Kismet was well located and the pool was terrific and the view is terrific.¨ We loved our balloon tour. Everyone was terrific and we felt in very good hands.

Our favorite part of the trip was definitely Cappadocia. We loved everything about the place. The scenery is majestic, the hotel was incredible, we loved the balloon ride and our tour guide was terrific. You are lucky to live in such a beautiful place. 
Again, thanks for all your help. We couldn’t have done it with out you.

Jaimee from NYC

Dear Ozgur

Just a brief email to say many thanks for all of the arrangements you made on our behalf for the trip to Turkey. We had a wonderful holiday and thoughly enjoyed your country.

Many thanks,
Sheila from Australia

Hello Ozgur 

Before we leave I would like to thank you for arranging such a beautiful trip for us. The hotels were very nice and we found all hotel staff extremely helpful and friendly. The Sacred House was our favourite lodging.

We have travelled across the world and I would like to tell you that you were one of the best tour guides we have ever had. Today Filaz was excellent as well and all drivers have been very good.

We have had an excellent time in your beautiful country and we will tell all of our friends about your company. 

One special moment in the trip for us was the visit to the churches in the Goreme Museum and visiting St. John's Basilica. Also the balloon ride was unforgetable. We noticed several balloon companies in the area but we think that you picked the best run company. This has been a very memorable trip. 

Thank you for all of your efforts. Perhaps in time our paths will cross again. 

Until then, keep well. 
John Mach from Canada

Thank you so much Ozgur for your help. I wish you could help me with all elements of my life--you are so efficient and responsible.

Again, I am so grateful. We are having a truly wonderful time in Istanbul and learning so much. We feel like we need a month just to begin to understand this complex city. I hope this is just our first trip to Turkey!

Susanna from USA

Cappadocia is such a marvelous place, but you made it all the more special for us. You are really a great guide. We all enjoyed your company so much. The driver was a lot of fun as well.

Cappadocia was what I was most looking forward to of our 23 days in Europe. I was kind of concerned about reaction of rest of the family, since Cappadocia was my idea. Well it was the highlight for all 8 of us.

The next day when we were in Istanbul, one of the group remarked at how much they missed you and wished you were with us in Istanbul.

Janet from USA

Dear Ozgur,

We want to thank you for the great trip we had on our tour with you. The information you passed on to us surely made the area come alive for us. We enjoyed the every aspect of the trip.

Thanks Again.

Bill and Jan

Hello Ozgur: after reviewing all the things I have to do before returning to the USA I have decided not to go to Trabzon. But I thank you for all the help you gave us and our friends in Turkey, and you can be certain I will recommend you to everyone I know who is coming to visit your wonderful country. Take good care. I am glad I got to meet you. Have a great summer!

Best wishes,


Just wanted to let you know that the tour was great. The guide was very knowledgeable and even kept our daughter occupied in the Jewish Museum at the end of the tour when she got bored. He taught her how to make boats out of a square of paper. She is still talking about it. Thanks so much for your help and we will be sure to call on you when we visit Turkey again. 


Hello Ozgur,

We are home safe and sound. Many, many thanks for your help and compassion during Ron's medical emergency as well as the excellent professional travel services. Other than the unexpected kidney stone we had a wonderful time and hope to return to see Cappadocia.

If you ever come to Seattle please call us. We'd love to show you our city.

Best regards,
Barbara and Ron

Hi Ozgur,

We really enjoyed the trip.  The hotel in Istanbul (Celal Sultan) was very nice.  The hotel was quiet, the staff were friendly and helpful and the breakfast was good.  The beds were reasonably comfortable.

I think my favorite part was Cappadocia.  Our guide was great.  We liked the hotel.  The view from the roof was great.  The breakfast was good.

The cruise worked out OK.  The cruise did provide towels.  The weather cooled down a lot at night so it was fine to sleep in the cabin.  The other people did stay up later than we wanted to but they were not terribly loud.  One thing that I didn't think of was smoking.  Half of the people, including the crew, were smokers.  They tried a little to smoke away from the non-smokers some of the time but it was hard to avoid.  I think it would be a great marketing idea for someone to offer smoke free cruises to attract non-smokers.   It was very nice to be on the water and the scenery was beautiful.  The water was rough one evening and morning and one of the other people on the cruise was quite sick.  It was good that I had brought anti-nausea medicine and crystallized ginger, which helped her.  My son and Emily's boyfriend felt a bit nauseous but were OK as long as they were above deck.

I really liked Fethiye; it was nice to spend one evening there and I think it would be good to come back sometime and spend more time there.  The Atapark was very nice.  They cooked eggs to order for breakfast, which I really enjoyed.  By that point I was completely sick of hard boiled eggs.  We enjoyed Pamukkale and I'm really glad we went there.

The Kismet hotel in Kusadasi was really nice although Emily's bed was terribly uncomfortable.  She said it was completely worn out and you could feel every spring in the mattress.  My bed was nice so she was just unlucky.  She didn't realize the problem until really late, after she had showered and was dressed for bed so she didn't ask to be moved (I always check the bed as soon as I check in to see if it is OK).  She called the front desk and asked for as many extra blankets as they were willing to give her, intending to sleep on top of them.  They only brought one blanket so I assume that they didn't understand what she was asking for.   They had the best breakfast of all of the hotels.  The yogurt was absolutely delicious.  Yogurt at the other hotels was good but this one was incredible.

The guide for Ephesus was excellent.  She customized the tour to do exactly what we wanted and took very good care of us.

It was great to come back to the same familiar hotel when we returned to Istanbul where we knew our way around and felt comfortable after all of the moving from place to place the previous few days.

Thanks again for all of your help.
Anne Randolph from California

Hello Ozgur,

We were both extremely pleased with the trip.  Everything went seamlessly.  The hikes through Greek/Roman ruins challenged us.  Our guide took us to great family-run restaurants.  I was particularly amazed by the underground cities of Cappadoccia, and the lives these people must have led.  But I'll also never forget walking into the Hagia Sofia and Blue Mosque.  Simply the best trip I've ever taken.  Marvelous.

Work, I have to admit, was quite a letdown this week.  Oh well, back to reality.

Wayne Cottrell from Canada

Hi Ozgur,

Thankyou, you have been awesome to deal with. We look forward to coming back to Turkey

Best wishes

Thank you very much for making an excellent trip to Cappadocia possible in November of 2007. From my first email contact with you, you were incredibly helpful and patient, answering every question and making sure that my trip to Cappadocia would be as full as possible and not present any problems. Emailing you was very easy, and your responses were prompt and very helpful. There were no problems at all in making reservations and then in traveling from Istanbul to Kayseri and back.

Our guide met us at the Kayseri airport and was an excellent companion for the three days we spent in Cappadocia. He was very knowledgeable about the area and provided all of the information need to appreciate the amazing landscape, the caves in the area, and the fabulous churches and other sites we visited, He told us quite a bit about local customs and culture, and happily and patiently answered many, many questions. 

Everything about the trip was excellent, including the early morning balloon trip, very good lunches included at restaurants serving local cuisine, and two wonderful cave hotels. The van was clean, comfortable, and nicely maintained and the driver was excellent.

I have traveled quite a bit over the years and must you are perhaps the best travel agency I have ever dealt with. Cappadocia should be on everybody’s travel list, and you really made it possible to really get as much as possible out of a short visit. The small group size of your tours and personal attention from staff makes the trip much more satisfying than a “big bus” experience. I would recommend a trip to Cappadocia with you to everyone. 

Danielle Sherman

Dear Mr. Guker,

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful car rental experience in Kayseri. The service was extremely pleasant, helpful and flexible.

Marisa Morgan

Hello, Ozgur,

We finally got back to brazil the night before last. It was a wonderful trip and we sure will never forget such experience.

The reason i am writing is to complement you and your company. Our tour guide was perfect, giving the right attention at the right time. He sure knows his way around with places and people and so we felt very safe with him. Mario and i had very pleasant days and we can say that Cappadocia was our favorite place in our trip (this time, besides Cappadocia, we visited Bangkok, Singapore, Malaysia, Maldives, London, and Paris). 

Best regards,
Isabel and Mario

Dear Ozgur

Thank you so much for organizing parts of our trip. The Hotels were great & I only wished we had had a few more days to relax around the pool & check out the town life a bit more. We will leave that for another time!

I will pass your name on to any of my friends coming over to Turkey as it's a huge & wonderful place to have a holiday in.


Hi 0zgur

Trip was a fantastic experience. All locations were excellent and timing was good. Could have done with 1 more day in Istanbul but hey its good reason to come back for more!

Aphrodisias and Ephesus was outstanding! So too was Pamukkale but very crowded. Balloon trip over Goreme Haghia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and of course our fantastic walk through the Goreme valley at dusk were the best of many highlights

Travelling around was easy enough. Low cost flight to Izmir was bit of a circus but ok in the end. Driving to EPhesus was easy though glad we didn't attempt the drive to Kayseri.

Guides were excellent and a real highlight of the trip. Very personal and passionate about their country and very knowledgable.

Accommodation in Kusadasi, Cappadocia and Istanbul was excellent.

We've come away with a real interest in Ottoman history. Have just finished book called "The Last Great Seige of Constatinoe" and onto another. Keen to make a return trip to Istanbul some time soon. We missed the archaelogical museum.

Many thanks for making this such a wonderful memory for us. If we do get back to Turkey will certainly give you a call. We have have passed your name to 2 groups wamting to plan a trip to Turkey next year as well as 1 family in Australia.

You don't happen to know someone who could plan something for us in Italy do you? Family is looking to plan for 2 or 3 week trip for April next year.

Keen to stay in touch

Kind regards,
Jim and Bron

Hi Ozgur,

We have returned with wonderful memories of our travels in Turkey. Our itinerary was perfect. We enjoyed Cappadocia immensely. The tour guide you arranged was excellent. Our accommodations were superb. We all really enjoyed the ride from Urgup to Konya---the beautiful valleys, the mountains, ---- reminded us of parts of California’s central valley and also the mid-western states in the US. We loved the Mevlani museum in Konya. The city was an interesting contrast with Istanbul. The drive to Antalya was equally interesting. The 3 nights on the yacht were magnificent----we all agreed that it was the most relaxing time any of us could remember. The crew was excellent---charming, attentive and anticipating our needs in advance. We had some of our best meals on the boat. Sirence was charming. The hotel was lovely. We enjoyed a multigenerational family dinner in Izmir. Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Our tour guide, Tibet, was great. We loved the Empress Zoe Hotel. We celebrated Emma’s birthday at Muzedechanga restaurant in Istanbul---I highly recommend it. We enjoyed fresh grilled fish sandwiches before taking the ferry to the Asian side of Istanbul.

It was a pleasure working with you. I have friends who will be visiting Turkey in May and I will share with them the wonderful service we received from you.

Warm regards,

Dear Ozgur,

The trip was incredible. Everything you arranged was wonderful. The guides and drivers were great, the hotels lovely and just what we wanted, (especially loved Urgup and Sirince -- and the boat ! ). It was hard to leave your wonderful country. We hope to return.

Best Regards,


Since my return, I have been very busy catching up with the backlog at work. I have been remiss in not sending a note to you earlier. Everything went well without a hitch. Turkey is a very beautiful country, very friendly people. The hotels were very comfortable, clean, and with friendly staff. My family voted the Oyster Residence in Oludeniz as the best. Thanks for recommending this to us. The itinerary was just about right with a good mix of historical site and the beach. We enjoyed our trip immensely and are looking forward to future visits.

Thanks once again for all the help in such short notice. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends.

With best regards,

Dear Ozgur,

While we were on the road, we commented several times that we should thank you for such a great travel plan. The pacing was very good. Making the circle as we did in a clockwise direction was the much better than the reverse! We enjoyed visiting the many ruins - lots of freedom, minimum people - and finishing with Ephesus. We had gradually learned about the parts: theater at Aspendos, great paved stone road leading to town and baths at Perge, temple at Didyma, large city layout at Miletos, etc. Then all the pieces came together at Ephesus. If we had begun with Ephesus, I think it would have been overwhelming and what followed would have been disappointing.

You certainly chose varied, charming, wonderful hotels.

Your country's road building efforts are impressive; the roads and the drivers were so much better than guidebooks had led me to expect.

Thank you for providing a great itinerary, so we could make the most of our visit to your fascinating country.

Lois Wyatt

Dear Sir,

Thank you and your agency for a good trip wich I had in Turkey last month. Everything was smooth and perfect. I will remember with pleasure the beautiful places like in Ida Mountains and Istanbul. I hope maybe next year I can do a similar trip, using my car
from Romania, so I will contact you also for reservations.

All the best,

I enjoyed the tour and thought it was a really great trip.

Stephenie Foster

Dear Mr Guker,

We would like to thank you for all your assistance and work in connection with our recent visit to the Turkish Republic.
All the hotels were of a high standard, both in service and accommodation. They were well selected by yourself and provided easy access to important archaeological sites or town centres. Our particular favourite, which we had virtually to ourselves, was the Villa Kamara, Kas, although this does not detract from the qualities of the other hotels. We were also impressed with the service of Turkish airlines - a far higher standard than the English charter flights.

The sites we visited, and the ever changing landscape, were highlights of our visits, but above all, Turkish people remain friendly and helpful as ever.

Again, many thanks.
Mike Rothwell


I am writing to tell you how much we enjoyed our recent trip to Cappadocia. The guide and driver provided were absolutely wonderful! Ugur was very knowledgeable and good humored, as he led us over rocks and through caves. We would recommend you to others without hesitation.

Thank you for making our vacation such an informative and pleasant one.

Franklin Stone

Hello Ozgur,

Thank you for all your arrangements and help during our visit. We had a wonderful and memorable trip to Turkey, and hope to return some day with our children.

Warm regards

Hi Ozgur,

We have now returned home from our fantastic vacation. we were extremely satisfied with your assistance both before and after our arrival in Turkey. We appreciated you help and willingness to assist us in every respect.

We will certainly recommend you to friends who wish to travel in your beautiful and interesting country.

All the best to you Ozgur from us both.


Just wanted to let you know that my rental of the VW in Urgurp went exactly as planned. Thank You very much for the suggestion to drive to Antalya versus the bus and flights. I enjoyed Turkey very much and would like to return at some point. If you want to visit Colorado or Utah please let me know. I am very travel savvy in the USA and would be willing to return the help.

Steve Conney

Dear Ozgur,

Just a short note to let you know that everything went really well for our holiday in Turkey, and that we enjoyed the whole trip very much.

We particularly enjoyed the landscape of Cappadocia – so many thanks for suggesting that as part of the tour. But the visit to Ephesus was excellent, and Istanbul was very memorable as well (a very good guide there too). We particularly enjoyed the hotels in Urgup, Seljuk and on Mount Ida – but all were very good in their different ways. We were surprised that the driving was so straightforward – and even driving into Istanbul was not quite as bad as we expected.

Overall, a great trip – and our thanks for all your work in ensuring the arrangements went smoothly. We’ll be recommending you!

Lynn Crowe

Dear Ozgur,
How nice to hear from you. Yes, I had a wonderful time in Turkey, especially in Cappodiccia. The Fairy Chimney Inn in Goreme was a great hotel for us. Everyone we met in Turkey was very kind. Thanks for your contribution to our trip and the excellent connections that you provided.

Best Regards,

Tour in Kapadokya was very good.  The Tour guide you arranged was great.  We were very surprised to see our original driver waıting for us at 1:30 in the morning when we arrived.  He had a Mercedes van with leather seats.  Music to our tired bodys.  İ think our bodies have finally recovered. We slept at Turkman's for about 5 hours this morning before our gulet tomorrow.



There are so many great reasons why you should consider a trip to Turkey with us. However we believe these are best told by our previous clients. Please go through the reviews and contact us for any questions you may have...
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